Because we genuinely believe that great companies are built by passionate, diverse and multi-talented teams.

Lennie, CEO

Lennie is the founder and CEO. When not running Sofdesk, you’ll find him giving motivational speeches or giving back to the community.

Nancy, Sales & CS

Nancy is the Director of Sales & Customer Service for Roofgraf and Solargraf. Her laugh precedes her, you’ll know when she’s around!

Julie, Finance

Julie is our VP Finance. She has been helping out tech start-ups since forever only to bring the best practices to Sofdesk!

Elise, AI

Elise is the lead of the AI team. Environment militant, she loves to do yoga, but what she likes the most is yoga with cats.

Isabel, Sales & CS

Coming straight from Australia, Isabel is our retention specialist. She drinks over 8 coffees/day and thinks it’s totally normal…

Christine, Marketing

Christine is our content creator. When not at Sofdesk, you’ll most definitely find her chilling on her couch with a glass of wine.

Khushdeep, DEV

Khushdeep is part of the engineering team. He is undefeated at ping-pong, don’t even try.

Matthew, Sales & CS

Matt is a dedicated and organized Account Executive, convincing all the contractors that Solargraf is the best tool ever – and it is!

Sean, Sales & CS

Sean is our dev intern. He just got back from 6 months living in the woods, hiking all 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

Erik, Sales & CS

Erik is a sales guy for Solargraf. Convincing, approachable and driven, he has all the qualities to thrive in the sales world!

Vanessa, Sales & CS

Coming straight from Colombia, Vanessa is in charge of the retention of Solargraf clients.

Dan, CTO

Dan is our sucess-story CTO. He started off as one of our board members, and now brings his expertise in house.

Elba, Marketing

Elba is the Director of Marketing, putting in place the whole marketing strategy. She’s currently writing her family’s memoir.

Hesham, Sales & CS

Hesham is the team lead of Solargraf Sales. Hesham likes to spend time with his lovely wife and children.

Naddem, Product

Nadeem is Solargraf’s Product Owner. When not at the office, you’ll find him teaching tricks to his two clever dogs.

Alexandre, Software DEV

Alexandre is our official baker. Once you taste what he makes, you’ll want him to cook your wedding cake.

Jaspreet, AI

Jaspreet is working on our AI project. He’s a gifted guitar player, ask him to play a tune!

Jamie, Sales & CS

Jamie reps Solargraf as an Account Executive. When not at the office, you’ll find her in the mountains, hiking

Lili, Software DEV

Lili loves coding, but she hates it at the same time because her fingers are always cold. She is wearing a coat, no matter what the temperature is.

Ana, Sales & CS

Ana is our enthusiast technical support agent for Solargraf. When not at the office, she enjoys lifting weights at the gym.

Nabil, Sales & CS

Nabil is an Account Executive: he has a smooth yet convincing voice, especially selling our Solargraf product.

Megan, Sales & CS

Megan is our customer success specialist for Roofgraf. When not at the office, you’ll most definitely find her reading books.

Jimmy, COO

Jimmy is the COO. He enjoys obstacle course racing and mud runs, because it’s not just kids that are allowed to get dirty and enjoy it!

Philippe, Software DEV

Philippe is the Director of the Development team and he is well-known for spreading the word out about the greatness of the vegan lifestyle.

Ashkan, Software DEV

Ashkan is our lead senior dev. He also enjoys refining his bartending skills with the finest liquors (makes and drinks his art).

Emily, Sales & CS

Emily is the first Sofdesk’s employee and she’s leading the customer service department. Try her Ukranian skills, she’s impressive!

Marc-Antoine, AI

Marc-Antoine is part of the AI team. He likes yoga, rock climbing and outdoor activities when not resolving online issues.

Meagan, Sales & CS

Meagan is an Account Executive for Roofgraf. Her fun fact? She is scared to death of cats.

Aayush, Software DEV

Aayush is our QA guy, testing out every line our dev drop. You’ll most likely find him at a music festival if not at the office!

RJ, Sales & CS

RJ is training and taking care of our Solargraf clients. He’s also a proud father of 3.

Amin, IT

Amin is our IT Manager. He is taking care of all the things that no one understands in this office. He is also a talented photographer!

Dominique, Software DEV

Dominique is a great dev, but also an amazing dancer. Dancing is her passion: from ballet to swing to hip hop.

Don, Sales

With over 9 years of experience in the solar industry, Don will convince you to turn to solar energy in a minute.

Max, Architect

Maxime is co-founder and senior architect. Try beating him at football. His skills are way above anything you could imagine.

Evelyne, HR

Evelyne is the head of HR, in charge of anything related to employee happiness.

Dawn, Software DEV

Dawn is our senior product manager. She helped to build enterprises from the ground up with her expertise, so we are blessed to have her!

George, Product

George is Roofgraf’s Product Owner. He loves soccer but it’s called football. you geezer.

Ryan, Sales & CS

Ryan is in charge of the Solargraf sales. He knows everything about sports, try him!

Vishal, Software DEV

Vishal is a developer that we found and hired right after a bootcamp. When not coding, he likes to hike.

Hollie, Sales & CS

Hollie Martin is taking care of our clients since over 2 years now, and she is doing a great job at it! When not at the office, you’ll find her enjoying a good run or swimming.

Chris, Software DEV

Chris is a skilled developer, a knowledgeable IT guy, but he also is a folk musician. Impressive, huh?

Angelica, Sales & CS

Angelica is training and taking care of our Solargraf Clients. She loves Star Wars, ask her who’s her favorite character!

Jon, Software DEV

Jon is a UX/UI Designer and also is a sport addict, whether it be baseball, hockey, bike, riding, name it!

Alex, Software DEV

Originally from UK, worked in France, travelled Asia backpacking… all that road to find the perfect fit as a Developer here, at Sofdesk!