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A great company is a great team

Lennie has 8 years working in every aspect of the solar energy field. Highly skilled with a soccer ball and a talented speaker, Lennie also volunteers to motivate teenagers in difficult situations.
Max graduated from software engineering with honors and supervises our IT Team with his supersonic skills. Recently a dad, Max will also stun you with his foosball skills!
Emily brings the perfect attitude to our team: always willing to go the extra mile for our clients! Also a gifted guitar player & singer, who knows? She might play you a tune ;)
Director, Biz Dev
Ashkan manages part of our projects with his veteran programming skills. Avid statue collector, Ashkan also enjoys refining his bartending skills with the finest liquors (makes and drinks his art).
Senior Programmer
Jason has over 10 years of experience building advanced software and finally decided to dedicate himself to Sofdesk because he finally received a real challenge.
Senior Programmer
Traci (Comi-Con veteran) takes care of our quality control process with her big smile and endless enthusiasm! Ask her about her last 3 Halloween costumes, she’s taking this way too seriously.
Quality Control
Ask Ryan any sports stat and he's got you covered. Like even a goalie's % saved after 42 games...and that goalie is not even part of the team he's cheering for. We just don't get it.
Biz Dev
Christine (loves cats (has 3)) is part of our quality control department. When she’s not feeding or playing with these little felines, Christine enjoys live music and nerdy stuff.
Quality Control
Frederic is a fine programmer always passionate about solving problems. It’s a rare combination but other than rocking the computer, Fred can rock your bell with boxing gloves.
Elise is a juggler/lucid dreamer with a PhD in Machine Learning applied to image and video processing. She works on developing our imagery system to be the best in the business.
Senior Programmer
Christian knows a thing or two about boards: Keyboards and Longboards. Christian is a young talented developer always looking to better his skills while aspiring to be the best.
Soon to be a CA, Andra takes care of the books and every possible number can we throw at her. Besides being awesome, Andra is the fastest swimmer in her category.
Jonathan is a young talented developer with a passion for fine dinning (dishes that he actually makes himself ladies). When not cooking for the crew, Jonathan will enjoy a game of badminton.
Hollie is the one of the sweetest person you will talk to, so be nice. When she’s giving all she has to make you happy, Hollie enjoys running and reading on her spare-time.
Client Care
Alex is a high-level developer that will wow you with his coding skills. World traveler, music fan and soccer player, Alex enjoys life as well as keeping up with the latest technologies.
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