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A great company is a great team

Lennie has 8 years working in every aspect of the solar energy field. Highly skilled with a soccer ball and a talented speaker, Lennie also volunteers to motivate teenagers in difficult situations.
Max graduated from software engineering with honors and supervises our IT Team with his supersonic skills. Recently a dad, Max will also stun you with his foosball skills!
FP is a highly experienced project manager, freestyle skier and runner that worked in some of the biggest tech and engineering firms on the planet only to bring the best to Sofdesk.
Emily brings the perfect attitude to our team: always willing to go the extra mile for our clients! Also a gifted guitar player & singer, who knows? She might play you a tune ;)
Director, Biz Dev
Ashkan manages part of our projects with his veteran programming skills. Avid statue collector, Ashkan also enjoys refining his bartending skills with the finest liquors (makes and drinks his art).
Senior Programmer
Traci (Comic-con veteran) takes care of our quality control process with her big smile and endless enthusiasm! Ask her about her last 3 Halloween costumes, she’s taking this way too seriously.
Quality Control
Ask Ryan any sports stat and he's got you covered. Like even a goalie's % saved after 42 games...and that goalie is not even part of the team he's cheering for. We just don't get it.
Biz Dev
Christine (loves cats (has 3)) is part of our quality control department. When she’s not feeding or playing with these little felines, Christine enjoys live music and nerdy stuff.
Quality Control
Bridget is a veteran in the solar industry with almost 10 years of experience in the field. Also passionate about family, she volunteers to help troubled teenagers in her area.
Account Manager
Elise is a juggler/lucid dreamer with a PhD in Machine Learning applied to image and video processing. She works on developing our imagery system to be the best in the business.
Senior Programmer
Nick is an artist at heart. From coding to song writing, you can recognize an artist when you see one. Also interested in politics, we’re confident that he’ll be lobbying for solar soon.
We’re happy to have the handball champion Chloe as part of our team; her artistic side helps us to build some of the most user friendly and accurate tools available out there.
James sings when he's at the office. Wait, let's recap: we have a beat-boxer, a guitar player and a rapper all in the same room. Keep an eye out for our next platinum album.
Hollie is the one of the sweetest person you will talk to, so be nice. When she’s not giving all she has to make you happy, Hollie enjoys running and reading on her spare-time.
Client Care
Also known as the smooth British talker, George brought everything we love from the other side of the Atlantic. He told me he loves soccer but it’s called football you geezer.
Account Manager
Hugh is a highly fun Australian gentleman that helps roofing companies to get more business. Other than being a national breakdancing champion, Hugh loves to learn new languages.
Account Manager
A future successful politician, Gab is passionate about urban planning and how to make our community a better place to live. We need more people like you my friend.
Aren’t we all so lucky to have our own chef? Irwin brings the same level of quality control on our leads as the one used to meticulously choose the ingredients for our company meals.
Quality Control
Other than being an outdoor junkie, Dave brings many years of customer success to our team. He embodies the one thing that we love: building long-term valuable relationships.
Account Manager
Watch out! Julie is our master accountant with over 15y of experience in growth stage tech companies. She will clearly beat you at 2 things: Ultimate Frisbee and Magic the Gathering.
Director, Finance
Chris is not only one of the best developer you’ll ever meet but he’s the best wine connoisseur we have here. Looking at him ride his motorcycle; you can tell that he’s living to the fullest.
Senior Developer
Walid is a skilled mathematician working on projects that most of us can’t even pronounce. An avid traveller, Walid also loves to get more knowledge collecting & reading books.
Senior Developer
642 De Courcelle St, PH4,
Montreal, QC, Canada, H4C ‎3C5
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